Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

We're full-stack developers that have enjoyed working with Elixir since 2014. We've worked with a number of frontend, backend, and DevOps technologies in that time really want to share what we've learned with Elixir.

Why should I watch these videos? There's plenty of material out there.

Absolutely, our goal is not to teach you Elixir or Phoenix from scratch and we're not looking to replace existing material. Rather, we share specific tools, patterns, and architectures we've found really useful in production apps. We assume some knowledge of Elixir/Phoenix in our videos.

Can you get across that much in short videos?

Yes! We respect your time, so we have no interest in delivering dull, monotonous courses. Instead, we design our videos to deliver the maximum impact in the minimum amount of time needed.

I love/hate your videos!

Let us know! We're @quantlayer on Twitter.

I have a question that hasn't been answered!

We haven't been asked it frequently! Email us at

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